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About us

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Yipp Films was started in 1998 by Patrick Collerton who, after working for all four main terrestrial networks and in the world of commercials, returned to his home town to start up a film and television production company.

Our ethos

Patrick Collerton is passionate about narrative storytelling. To date this has lead to a highly successful body of work across film, documentary, television drama and commercials.

Yipp Films is also the co-founder of the international Northern Lights Film Festival.


Patrick Collerton, Director

Born and bred in Newcastle, Patrick Collerton is one the most celebrated documentary filmmakers of recent years. He studied journalism before embarking on a career in Television and has been making short dramas, commercials and documentaries since forming Yipp Films in 1998. His films won awards all over the world and he is now developing feature films.

Funders, sponsors and associates

Our sincerest thanks go out to everyone who has helped Yipp Films to achieve the success which we enjoy today. Please visit our Funders, Sponsors & Associates page to find out whom we owe so much to.