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Yipp Films believes in a strongly authored style of documentaries which combine the best of traditional film making to the new opportunities of small cameras and digital technology.

Poppies To Pomegranates (2016)

We’re currently financing our new feature documentary about the extraordinary life and times of James Brett. Developed with Sky Atlantic it’s a redemption story telling of one man’s quest to bring peace to Afghan warzones through the power of the pomegranate.

This former victim of sex abuse, ex drug smuggler and founder of UK drink giant Pomegreat has enlisted 55,000 tribal elders, Prince Charles, the Aga Khan, Waitrose and Ben & Jerrys’ ice cream to help him in his mission. With more twists than the Bourne Identity this is a thrilling adventure tale with a massive emotional pull.

3 Minute Wonders: Microsoft Babies (2009)

In brief: These films explore life in and around the Microsoft on site creche in their Reading headquarters. How much does the cradle to grave ethos of the corporation affect their employees and their children?
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Hidden Lives: Wedding Addicts (2008)

In brief: Wedding Addicts looks at those who can't seem to stop walking down the aisle. A wedding is supposed to be a once in a lifetime event, but for Ron, Sandra, Pat and Martin it is something they do again and again and again.
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3 Minute Wonders: I Am What I Spend (2007)

In brief: Are you what you buy? What does how we spend say about us? Four very different people, from a five year old boy to the seasoned accountant, look at the stories that receipts - their own and others – reveal about them.
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3 Minute Wonders: Where There’s a Will (2007)

In brief: Everyone has to face death, and each one of us has to think of their legacy. This series of short films looks at how people in very different circumstances prepare their wills and confront their mortality.
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The Hunger Season (2008)

In brief: This ambitious feature length documentary directed by Beadie Finzi examines the business of food aid and asks whose life we value and why. Filmed over the course of a year in Southern Africa, the central narrative of the film follows the fortunes of a young teacher called Justice and the children in his care. Living in the heart of rural Swaziland, they are recipients of international food aid in a region which has endured chronic food insecurity for the past five years. In 2007, the drought has deepened to the point where it is estimated half the Swazi population will need food handouts to survive the worst crisis in living memory. But will they get the help they need?
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Careless Whiskers: The Unseen George Michael (2006)

In brief: George Michael is one of the most stridently gay popstars on the planet. But for a long time he hid his sexuality. Using never seen before home movies, the man the superstar once called his brother reveals the secret side of George. And more unseen footage exclusively presents Wham’s first ever performance, in a gay bar. Careless Whiskers, The Unseen George Michael re-evaluates the story of a very private superstar, with a very big secret, who went very public – and continues to do so.

3 Minute Wonders: Living At War (2006)

In brief: A series of four short films made by students at the Independent Film and TV College in Baghdad set up after the war by two UK based Iraqi filmmakers. The films offer a unique glimpse into life of ordinary Iraqis in Baghdad under American occupation from an Iraqi point of view.
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The Town That’s Looking For Love (2006)

In brief: Patrick Collerton’s new documentary features 21 year old coalboy Vince Peart from the small town of Alston, Cumbria. In August 2005 Vince, deciding that neither he nor any of his friends in Alston could get girlfriends, mounted a poster campaign to attract single women to the area.
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Bollocks To Cancer (2005)

In brief: Inspired by his own recent brush with “chemo”, former testicular cancer patient Patrick Collerton directs this funny, profound and uplifting film set in a Newcastle cancer ward, about the journey of 19 year old Steven Liddell, a chef from Alnwick, through chemo for testicular cancer. He must cope with life on the ward, an over anxious mother and the pregnancy of his 17 year old girlfriend, Katie.
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Rosi and The Female Fight Club (2005)

In brief: Newcastle film maker Emily Barber follows the journey of Rosi, champion female cage fighter back to the ring after the birth of her first child. How will pregnancy and motherhood change this eloquent and ferociously intelligent Doctor of Mathematics? How will the father of her child and her manager, Karl, react on seeing Rosi back in the unforgiving environment of the ring? What attracts women to this extreme sport?
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The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off (2004)

In brief: In his last months of life, 36-year-old Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) sufferer Jonny Kennedy decided to work with filmmaker Patrick Collerton to document his life and death. The result was a film that was an uplifting, confounding and provocatively humorous story of a singular man.
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Poppies To Pomegranates

Poppies To Pomegranates

Wedding Addicts by Vicky Crawley

Hidden Lives: Wedding Addicts

The Hunger Season by Beadie Finzi

The Hunger Season

I Am What I Spend by Emily Barber

3 Minute Wonders: I Am What I Spend

Bollocks To Cancer by Patrick Collerton

The Town That’s Looking For Love

Bollocks To Cancer by Patrick Collerton

Bollocks To Cancer

Living at War: Baghdad Days

Rosi And The Female Fight Club

Living at War: Baghdad Days

The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off