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3 Minute Wonders: Living At War

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3 Minute Wonders: Living At War (2006)

A series of four short films made by students at The Independent Film and TV College in Baghdad, set up after the war by two UK based Iraqi filmmakers. The films offer a unique glimpse into life of ordinary Iraqis in Baghdad under American occupation from an Iraqi point of view.

Baghdad Days
Hiba Bassem, a young woman from Kirkuk, returns to Baghdad after the war, to finish her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts. The film is a diary of her year as she tries to find a place to live, looks for work, graduates from college, deals with family problems and struggles to come to terms with her position as a woman on her own.

For years a group of Iraqi artists and writers had wanted to establish a cultural centre in Baghdad. After 8 years of devastating war with Iran, the Gulf War of 1991 and the ongoing sanctions, it was clear that there was no point in waiting for peace. So the Hiwar centre was opened in an old house in 1992 and is now being re-built.

Omar Is My Friend
A student at Baghdad University works as a taxi driver to support his wife and 4 daughters. As he negotiates his clapped out taxi around checkpoints, tanks and traffic jams, he talks about work, lack of petrol, electricity, having daughters in a male-dominated society, his personal aspirations and those of his society.

Let The Show Begin
Amid the bombs and chaos that is Baghdad, a group of young people manage to put on a short film festival.

Baghdad Days

Omar Is My Friend