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The Town That’s Looking For Love

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The Town That’s Looking For Love (2006)

Patrick Collerton's new documentary features 21 year old coalboy Vince Peart from the small town of Alston, Cumbria. In August 2005 Vince, deciding that neither he nor any of his friends in Alston could get girlfriends, mounted a poster campaign to attract single women to the area. His campaign made headlines all over the world, making him a very unlikely celebrity and propelling him on a series of adventures.

Vince decided to use his celebrity for the good of his hometown and so he became a countryside campaigner, thereby helping to save his local hospital. He landed a William Morris agent and a major feature film deal.

And all of this on top of his ongoing quest to find a girlfriend...

The Town That’s Looking For Love aired on Wednesday 11th October at 10pm, on Channel Four.

“This is a rare gem: a heartwarming, laugh-out-loud funny documentary”
Total TV

“Vince is disarmingly funny and terrifying candid” The Guardian

“...although the planned feature film is being written by Paul Abbott...Abbott is going to be hard pushed to outdo Collerton’s funny, sad documentary”
The Times

“Vince raised his eyes like a puppy hoping for a bone. The inclination to take him home and worm him was almost irresistible” The Guardian


The Town That’s Looking For Love