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3 Minute Wonders: Microsoft Babies

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3 Minute Wonders: Microsoft Babies (2009)

These films explore life in and around the Microsoft on site creche in their Reading headquarters. How much does the cradle to grave ethos of the corporation affect their employees and their children? Watch all eight Microsoft Babies films.

Programme 1: INDUCTION
Is the on-site Microsoft nursery too much too soon for the toddlers or an efficient solution to the corporate family’s needs?

Programme 2: DUTY
Vikki applies all the HR tricks she’s learnt at work to running her hyperactive household, never wasting a second.

Programme 3: EXPERTISE
Gill who works in marketing, recalls her difficult maternity leave and her joy at returning to work when her daughter was three and a half months old.

Programme 4: DEVOTION
Lucy, a full-time Microsoft programmer and sole breadwinner of the family, is waiting for her husband to break into the independent film market, however long it takes.

Programme 5: INCUBATION
Ellie, age 2, drifts through the long nursery days, resolutely different from the crowd.

Programme 6: COMMUTE
Callum, age 3, and his father Dax, discuss food, music and the meaning of life as they commute to and from work together every day.

Programme 7: MATERNITY
Nikki savours the final days of her maternity leave. Transformed by motherhood, she’s hesitant about returning to her old working life.

Programme 8: CRISIS
Could post-natal depression be the reason software expert David nearly gave up on his family? Or was he just working too hard?

“Monday’s episode was a mini masterpiece…Beautifully shot with a spare but hypnotic soundtrack, director and producer Martin Hampton delivered more in three minutes than many could manage in an hour.” The Independent


Microsoft Babies