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The Hunger Season

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The Hunger Season (2008)

This ambitious feature length documentary directed by Beadie Finzi examines the business of food aid and asks whose life we value and why.

Filmed over the course of a year in Southern Africa, the central narrative of the film follows the fortunes of a young teacher called Justice and the children in his care. Living in the heart of rural Swaziland, they are recipients of international food aid in a region which has endured chronic food insecurity for the past five years. In 2007, the drought has deepened to the point where it is estimated half the Swazi population will need food handouts to survive the worst crisis in living memory. But will they get the help they need?

The World Food Programme and the Swazi government are struggling to get resources. The international community is consumed by events in the Middle East. In Africa attention is focused on the escalating food insecurity in nearby Zimbabwe meanwhile there is still fierce ongoing opposition to reforming farming subsidies in the US and Europe which would make trade and aid more fair. So where are the solutions?

Filmed on location in Africa, the USA and Europe, ‘The Hunger Season’ will combine compelling human narrative with a challenging examination of the system of international humanitarian food aid, charting the chain of decision making involved in how food aid is distributed and to whom.

From Justice and the children struggling to survive in the heart of rural Swaziland, to Johannesburg the hub of Southern Africa and all the way to the corridors of power in Washington and the United Nations in New York.

The film is being funded by More4 in the UK, SBS Australia, NHK Japan and YLE Television in Finland and is produced by Iris Maor & Jessica Edwards. Director of Photography is Jon Sayers.

To view the film trailer: www.vimeo.com/yippfilms

Official website: www.hungerseason.org

The Hunger Season