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3 Minute Wonders: Where There’s A Will

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3 Minute Wonders: Where There's a Will (2007)

Everyone has to face death, and each one of us has to think of their legacy. This series of short films looks at how people in very different circumstances prepare their wills and confront their mortality.

Odile Stamberger
Holocaust survivor Odile hopes to end her life on a positive note, leaving her estate to humane research.

Scott Waters
John and Marie Waters lost their 16 years old son Scott in a fatal accident and now have to decide what to do with his possessions, with no will to guide them.

Andrew Spence
Farmer Andrew reflects on being part of a farming dynasty and the legacy he wants to leave his children, as family farming becomes increasingly difficult to sustain.

Eileen Devaney
MS sufferer Eileen talks about her living will and reveals how her teenage sons have come to support her.