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Starman: a Yipp Films production.

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Starman (2001)
Award winning television drama

Starman was the directorial drama debut for Patrick Collerton and Yipp Films first television drama. It is a half hour drama made for the Northern Production Fund and Tyne Tees Television as part of the First Cut, New Directors Scheme in 2001.

Starring Jordan Kiziuk and Scott Andrew, and shot entirely on location in Redcar Teesside, it’s a morality tale which told the story of two tearaway brothers who get their just deserts, one strung up in a fisherman’s net, the other awestruck by the majesty of the Milky Way.

It was shot on 16mm film by Director of Photography Mike Fox. Writer was Paul Telfer.

Starman won the Royal Television Society Award NE for best Non Factual production in 2001.

Starman, a Yipp Films drama production.