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Tyne Tallinn Digital Film Challenge 2003: a Yipp Films production.

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Tyne Tallinn Digital Film Challenge 2003

A Brief Description

The challenge has a perfectly simple idea at it’s core - three English directors armed with scripts traveled to Tallinn, Estonia in August 2003 and, in the space of twelve days made three short digital drama films. All production resources, crew, post-production, actors, production company, were drawn from Tallinn. The process was then repeated with three Estonian directors in NewcastleGateshead.

These six digital films united the film making talent of NewcastleGateshead and Tallinn, forming the cornerstone of a highly innovative, multi-award winning, hugely marketable digital film project between the two cities.

The films were premiered at the first Northern Lights Film Festival in Newcastle Upon Tyne in September 2003 and the 7th Black Nights Film Festival in Tallinn Estonia in December 2003. For more information see www.nlff.co.uk

Digital Film Challenge – The Rules

  1. 1. All films will be shot on digital
  2. 2. All films will be made in twelve days from first day of photography until delivery.
  3. 3. A film maker, armed only with a script, must travel to another country and work with cast, crew and post production from that country.
  4. 4. The Challenge is an exchange. For every film maker who travels abroad, a film maker must travel in the opposite direction to make his or her film.
  5. 5. Film makers will be chosen with just a good idea for a film and then helped to work up that idea into a finished script.
  6. 6. All six films made will be screened in competition against each other with an audience vote deciding the winner of the Digital Film Challenge in each country.
  7. 7. The Digital Film Challenge is an equal partnership between each of the countries involved.
  8. 8. The films will employ the best professional talent available in each country.
  9. 9. Film makers will be encouraged to develop feature film scripts that can be made as international co-productions within the digital production nework.
  10. 10. Aside from this, anything goes.

Screenings and Awards

Awards: Fender Bender

Awards: Suite For Two

Awards: The Namemakers


Fender Bender and The Shoe Tree are represented by The British Council

Tyne Tallinn Digital Film Challenge is distributed by Future Shorts. Email Jesse at Future Shorts.com for details.

All 6 Tyne Tallinn Digital Film Challenge drectors

The Tyne Tallinn Digital Film Challenge directors

Fender Bender by Daniel Elliott

Fender Bender. Directed by Daniel Elliott.

Love Sick by Patrick Collerton

Love Sick. Directed by Patrick Collerton.

The Shoe Tree by Ian Cottage

The Shoe Tree. Directed by Ian Cottage.

Suite For Two by Marko Raat

Suite For Two. Directed by Marko Ratt.

The Namemakers by Andri Luup

The Namemakers. Directed by Andri Luup.

St. Mercedes Day by Hendrik Toompere

St. Mercedes Day. Directed by Hendrik Toompere.